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Monday, December 12, 2011

Get On Our Blog Roll • Step 1

Would you like to have your blog on our blog roll? Your blog title, a snippet of your latest blog post and a thumbnail of the first picture in the post will appear. This blog roll will be promoted on Twitter with approximately 30 tweets a week.

It's somewhat FREE to get on the blog roll, for now. All you have to do is post a link to this site on your blog's home page. It can be anywhere on the home page.

Use one of the photos below and then link the photo to this blog.

This blog's URL is:

Click PLAY AGAIN to view the ads. The size of the ad in pixels is in the lower right corner.

To select the ad you want to use, click VIEW ALL in the lower right corner. You can get the link or HTML code on the Photobucket site.

Once you've placed the ad on your site, come back here and click on Step 2 (right under the search box in the right sidebar.) Fill out the info and in a couple days, you'll be on the blog roll.

The goal is to get more exposure by showing more of blogs, than just a list.

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