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Friday, December 23, 2011

The Christmas Gift Of Blogging

Give the gift of blogging this Christmas.
As you meander through the malls, looking for those last minute bargains, there is an amazing gift you should consider. And a highly unlikely gift at that. You might give this away, but you may decide to keep it for yourself - The Christmas Gift Of Blogging.

Blogging? Christmas? Are you nuts?

No. If you have a passion for anything and you can string some sentences together, you may want to consider giving yourself the gift of blogging and subscribing to the posts from this site in the coming year. Or, maybe you have a friend who writes well and you pass this site on to them.

Yes, give the Christmas Gift of Blogging !!!

How can blogging even be considered a gift? This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

A quick story to tell you how wonderful a gift of blogging can be.

In August 2011, I got an idea to write a blog post with the title Painless Suicide - A Complete Guide To Suicide. I've had some very dark days in my past and I looked up the same title many times on the Internet. I had no plans to go on with life after I wound up in a very desperate situation. Blogging literally saved my life. I rediscovered a lost passion and found a purpose in a very bad personal context.

So, I wrote up my post and told my story. And in many parts of the country, the post is on page one of Google, right underneath the Suicide Hotline.

Initially, there were a few hits on the post. Then in the fall, it started to build momentum. Today, hundreds of people a day view that post. And a number of them have written to me, "Thanks. I was ready to end it all, but I read your post."

I don't have a tally, but the first comment on the post is all I needed.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Written with honesty and humor and ... your comments comforted and maybe even saved a friend of mine last night. Thank you and God bless you.

Most of the comments are by Anonymous. Who would name their kid Anonymous?

How do you top that, saving a life... or dozens of lives? That is the power that a blog can possess. You can change lives, you can save lives. Not everyone gets to do that at their job.

Not every blog post can save lives. But there are thousands of bloggers who improve the quality of others lives through their advice, their tips, their insights, their research - and that is a very noble pursuit.

Blogging is about sharing your passions.

What do you love?

My problem is I have so many interests, blogging has turned into a monstrous venture for me. And I'm starting to make some money. And new opportunities are unfolding - all from blogging. My dream to make this into a living is not so dreamy anymore. And that could be a possibility for you or your friend, too.

You don't have to do this for money. You could do this for the joy of sharing what you know and what you love. You'll find readers. And if you follow this site, I'll teach you how to find the readers. You may surprise yourself - I know I did.

So, is my premise so insane now?

This holiday season, give The Christmas Gift Of Blogging!!!!

It's affordable, won't break, needs no batteries, and no assembly with screwdrivers is required.

Happy Holidays!!!!

See you soon.

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